About us.

Established in 2009.

I started Anywhere CPR to provide a fun platform promoting learning and retention of the medical skills you learn in our classes.  We don’t just throw in a CD, and then test you.  We give you real life scenarios, and scientific data that backs up the whys to the hows.  You will leave feeling confident you can use the skills when called upon.  As an WEMT I had to sit through training class after training class, and I found them to sometimes be difficult to sit through.  Our CPR, First Aid, and the other classes we provide are designed to be fun, with an emphasis on retention.  If you can’t remember what you learn, then all you are doing is wasting time and money?  Learn, retain, have fun, while saving your time and your money.  Come take a class with us and you will see what makes our classes different.

We wanted to help clients get the training they needed which meant onsite training.  We take the hassle out of making you find us, find parking, etc.  We come to you where you are comfortable and can get right back to that meeting once training has concluded, saving you time and money.